The Hainstock Gallery presents the work of Bob and Judy Hainstock, a husband-wife team of visual artists, potters, educators, and writers.  The Hainstock home and studios are located high on the edge of Nova Scotia's unique North Mountain -- that tall northern barrier ridge that stands between the powerful Bay of Fundy and the beautiful Annapolis Valley.  Their work is most often about threatened landscape and environment, and includes local materials whenever possible. The work is also about the weakening threads and containers of rural culture. The work is represented in galleries and specialty shops across Canada. Bob & Judy had their winter studio in Arizona until recently, but now study and work each winter in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

This virtual Hainstock Gallery is divided into sub-galleries -- Recent Work, New Landscapes, Pottery, Prints, Paintings, and Small Sculpture. There are two additional shopping galleries of "Available" work  that can be shipped to almost any destination. The studios/gallery sometimes includes work from other members of the extended Hainstock family, including daughter Meg and son-in-law Stephen Petersen, two printmaking biologists in Winnipeg, and Bob's twin brother Clay, a painter in the Okanagan Valley, BC.